dk312 multilogger shaky start
dk312 multilogger shaky start
DK312 Multilog ruggedPlus datalogger
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Compact, robust Multisignal logger for 2 external sensors

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Datalogger for two external sensors
The data loggers MultiLog "rugged" from the German brand Driesen + Kern are extremely robust compact data loggers for measuring and recording all sorts of signals.
The DK312 has connections for 2 external sensors.
Various types of sensors for Temperature, moisture and many other measuring variables can be connected to the miniature logger DK312 MultiLog ruggedPlus (see attachment sensors in the brochure).
It is also possible to connect all kinds of different signals including 0-20mA, 0-10V, Impulse / Frequency, PT100 and PT1000.
The data logger can be used within a range of -40 ° C to + 90 ° C.

The housing is made of shock-proof POM high-quality plastic, which protects the data logger under extreme conditions.
DK312 has an IP65 protection degree.

* Robust data logger (IP65, shock-proof)
* Replaceable battery with a life span of 4 years
* USB interface for fast data transfer
* Memory for 4 million measured values
* "Shaky Start" - Logger is started by shaking it
* Measured values ​​are retained even if the battery fails

Delivered with: Datalogger DK312 MultiLog ruggedPlus, Software InfraLog -basic-, Lithium-Battery, USB-Cable

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