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When you visit, our website can automatically place so-called 'cookies' on the hard drive of your computer. In this way, we raise the browsing experience of our visitors to a higher level: cookies allow our website to function better and tailor it to your wishes and preferences.


Cookies are small files with strings, which are sent to your computer when you visit a website. Do you visit that website next time? Then they ensure that the site recognizes your browser. Cookies do not perform any actions on your computer, they only provide extra information to your browser. Actually, cookies work as 'reminders' for websites. They can remember user settings and other data (language selection, login details ...), but do not store names, addresses, ages or other personal data (except in some cases your IP address).

Statistics via Google Analytics

Cookies also serve for statistical purposes. For example, we update the statistics of this website using cookies via Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google.

We use this information to analyze your visit to our site (not to find out who you are). We know, for example, which pages most frequently consult our visitors, with which browsers our customers browse the internet or how long they stay on our website. Thanks to that data from Google Analytics, we can continuously optimize our site.

For this website we also use Google Analytics advertising features for remarketing purposes.
Consult the opt-out options for Google Analytics that are currently available for the Internet.

Cookies from other external parties

On this site we use Youtube, CCVpay ... and other external parties. We believe that the use of the services provided by external parties make the visit to our website better. The external parties may place cookies in order to record certain data, for example to analyze the click behavior of visitors.

Disable or delete cookies

Most Internet browsers offer the possibility to delete cookies from your hard disk. You can also reject cookies in advance, or you can indicate that you want to receive a warning before they are installed. Consult the instructions or help function of your internet browser for more details.

Do you agree with the use of cookies during a visit to the Tempro website? Then they can be used during subsequent visits to our site.

Accept cookies to increase your browser experience. Your personal data are not being recorded. More info on our cookie policy page
Free calibration certificate per logger is supplied with all Tempmate and Keytag dataloggers