Touch CO2 meter with rechargeable battery
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Rechargeable CO2 meter with colour touchscreen display, memory function, adjustable limits, acoustic alarm and calibration.

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Touch Pro air quality meter for determining the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), including display of temperature and humidity.
With adjustable limits so that the meter always meets the requirements.
Can be set to 900 PPM and 1200 PPM as imposed by the government for Hospitality, schools and companies.
At 1200 PPM the display turns red and an acoustic signal can be activated.
If an increased CO2 content is displayed, regular intensive ventilation is recommended.
Can stand on a table or be mounted on the wall.
- NDIR CO2 sensor dual beam SenseAir S8 400 - 10000ppm accuracy 3% / 40ppm
- Expected life of 15 years and 3 year warranty
- Display of the CO2 content in ppm
- Automatic and manual calibration options for CO2, temperature and humidity
- Alarm when CO2 values ​​are exceeded via color display (traffic light) and acoustic alarm
- Acoustic alarm, can be turned off
- CO2 air quality display via dimmable 3.5 inch color display with touchscreen
- Graphic display showing the CO2 level over time
- Temperature and humidity measurements with Sensirion sensors accuracy of 0.3°C and 2%RH
- Self-adjustable limit values ​​e.g. 900PPM orange 1200PPM red
- Support for multiple languages ​​including Dutch
- Memory function with data export to PC 7000 measurements
- 3 year warranty

Will be delivered with

- 1 air quality meter "Touch PRO"
- 1 USB cable
- 1 mains adapter
- table stand
- Instruction manual

There is also a model available with battery (24 hours) and WiFi

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D. Moeres - 29-11-2021 09:41

Scherm is duidelijk en overzichtelijk CO2 meter (met T, RV en luchtdruk).
Grafische weergave met inzoom mogelijkheden.
Data kan bewaard worden en geëxporteerd via kabel.
ppm grenzen instelbaar.

Het plaatsen van de USB kabel aan de onderkant van het toestel wordt belemmerd door de steunvoet.
Geen Bluetooth om gegevens draadloos te collecteren.


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