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Tempro Online cloud platform 16 to 25 sensors
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Easy online registration, reporting and alarm of the indoor climate
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Online cloud platform with which all Airteq, Uhoo and Envira sensors can be connected within the same system.
Price of the license is per year for total maximum of 15 sensors, for larger numbers please contact us.

Online insight Energy Indoor climate Control

We make your environment (indoor climate) understandable and combine this with smart solutions for saving energy.
With our platform you always and everywhere have easy insight into your indoor climate and energy consumption.

With our platform you always have real-time insight into all parameters of the indoor climate, particulate matter, CO2, VOCs, ozone, NOx, etc ..

In addition to clear insight, our smart sensors also give you advice on which measures you can take yourself to improve the indoor climate (via a handy app).
You can also easily link and operate the heating and smart meters.

We offer accessible and reliable (monitoring) solutions to make your building smarter and save CO2.
With attractive prices.
In this way we work together on a healthy (working) environment and contribute to climate goals.

The use of AirTeq smart monitoring

- Measuring at workplace level
- Automatic reporting is sent via e-mail
- Automatic alarm by e-mail
- Custom reports tailored to your question.
- Easy to use
- Easy app for accessible insight
- Easy implementation / installation
- Smart meter / thermostat connection
- Insight at desk level!

See in one go on your smartphone whether your workplace is healthy or not:
Easily get a push message on the phone or tablet if measures are needed!

- Very user friendly
- Insight per room / desk
- Set alarms per room yourself
- The sensor tells you what you need to adjust to create a healthier environment.

The cost of the Aircheq online license depends on the number of connected sensors per location.
1 sensor per location costs 60 € per year
2 to 15 sensors per location costs 125 € per year
16 to 25 sensors per location costs 150 € per year
More than 25 sensors are custom work.

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Free calibration certificate per logger is supplied with all Tempmate and Keytag dataloggers