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Single trip temperature datalogger with PDF reporting tool.

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Tempmate M1 special price for orders with minimal 100 pieces, to be ordered per 20 pieces.

Monitoring your cold chain – It’s easy with tempmate.®-S1 temperature dataloggers 
tempmate.®-S1 data loggers were especially developed for monitoring temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire cold chain. Thanks to customer-specific settings being made directly in our factory, the tempmate.®-S1 data loggers are ready for immediate use recording the relevant refrigeration data.
Automatic PDF and CSV report The automatically created PDF and CSV reports contain extensive information that you can use to assess the goods being monitored: data curve, statistical values such as MIN, MAX, AVG, MKT and every single measurement value shown in table form.
Your benefits from our temperature dataloggers at a glance: 

* 2-year service life
* Automatic PDF and CSV report
* Up to 180 days’ recording time
* Reprogrammable
* Up to 5 alarm thresholds
* Backup log protection mechanism
* Transparent recording of temperature fluctuations within a cold chain
* Economical and reliable
* Very small and light: can be inserted into virtually any packaging
* Protective cover: waterproof and food-safe
* No additional software required
* Detailed analysis with chart and table
* Secure and easy download of encrypted data files
* LED lights show current status
* Validation Certificate Included

The innovative Single-Use data logger tempmate.®-S1 with integrated USB port is the ultimate companion for your goods when it comes to economical temperature monitoring of your transported items.
Moreover, the device does not require labeling per IATA´s Dangerous Goods Regulations.
The tempmate.®-S1 logger is preprogrammed and supplied in a standard configuration.
If required, the customer can reprogramme and re-lock the logger.
The following settings can be made using the tempbase.®-D software:

* Running time of up to 180 days
* Up to 5 alarm thresholds
* Password protection
* Time zone
* Alarm time delay (standard setting: 30 min)
* Start time delay (standard setting: 0 min)

The loggers are therefore ready for use, although they can be reprogrammed by the customer if required.
For carrying out the analysis, the tempmate.®-S1 is connected directly to the USB port.
A PDF and CSV report is then automatically generated.
These show the temperature profile as well as all individual values plus statistical information.
No hardware (such as cables or interfaces) or software required.

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sarah - 11-06-2020 11:05

Goede prijs-kwaliteit verhouding voor deze loggers
Correcte levering, sneller dan voorzien.


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Free calibration certificate per logger is supplied with all Tempmate and Keytag dataloggers